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Local Hospital and School Thriving

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A few months back, we reported the local success story of Jennifer Abubakar Abena and her father, Magudo, who had raised more than $1,500 for their village. The hospital was in the process of being constructed. There was also a new, two-storey school house being built, just at the edge of this then corrupt village. Now, six months on, we revisited the area to see just how the development was progressing.

We spoke directly to Jennifer Abubakar Abena, although her father speaks no English. The 53 year old told us, through his daughter, just how happy he was. “We are so very pleased with the way things have gone. The generosity shown by people from all over the world has made it possible for us to not only wipe out disease and illiteracy in this village, but also it is a step forward for us to stamp out corruption too. I am so overjoyed and the money is still coming in.”

Jennifer Abubakar Abena echoed her father’s words and said “We would like to thank everybody who has made any size of donation to this village. We hope that our work will continue to create and develop this village. Maybe one day it will become a thriving small town, with businesses and communication networks. And it will no longer be corrupt. That is our ultimate goal and we will, one day, make sure it happens.” Jennifer Abubakar Abena smiled as she walked back to the construction site to oversee the project.

Local people come from over twenty miles away to receive treatment at the hospital and the machinery that has been purchased to equip the hospital has meant that it is one of the highest regarded medical facilities in the area. The school has already attracted over 250 pupils and plans are still afoot to add an extension within the next year. A fresh water treatment facility is also in the planning.