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Chocolate Hearts – Heart Healthy Treats

Article by Adolphpaul

A little bit of sinful indulgence in some hearty dark chocolates can work wonders for a throbbing heart. In fact, they are the perfect healthy treats which give holistic results. Ever since health and fitness have become the mantra for many people, some have shunned chocolates. There is no need as chocolate hearts are the perfect stress busters. Unless you are on an absolutely low calorie diet, chocolates can pep up the dark mood. Chocolates containing high content of cocoa beans are healthy. The flavonoids in it help in blood thinning. Milk chocolates have sugar and milk making them high in calories. But dark chocolates do not need sugar. Hence they are ideal as an occasional treat. It improves insulin immunity too. Premium versions of dark chocolate are heavenly in taste. Buy them as gifts or for self consumption. Either way there is a huge variety in the market. They work well for many occasions all year round.Chocolate can be molded into many shapes and sizes. Chocolate hearts are appealing, giving a literal meaning to ‘eat your heart out’! Chocolates hearts work like magic when presented at special events. Rich in taste and beautifully packed, they are perfect gourmet gifts for chocolate connoisseurs. Some of the most common menus offer a delectable assortment.

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Chocolate hearts are useful for special events and make them memorable. Mini hearts for kiddie birthdays so that they do not overeat and house warming parties are ideal, big ones for Valentine’s Day with personalized messages like “Love You” or “Marry Me”. The mouth-watering hearts are attractively wrapped in many metallic and matt foils. Pink is perfect to present the world’s best mom and new born baby girls. Similarly blue has choco hearts wrapped for a a baby boy. White chocolate hearts are just right for weddings or Mother’s day whereas cookies and cream hearts are wonderful for birthday parties. Hazelnut or rum & raisin hearts are popular with nut lovers and best for anniversaries. Cinnamon hearts are spicy sweet, just like different flavours of love. Chocolate heart dragees are luxury heart shaped milk chocolate pieces covered in a thin crisp sugar coated shell- very popular with kids! So, what kind of a chocolate heart are you?