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4 Reasons Why Helping Others Leads to Success

Article by Sue Dehmel

I can hear it now, “What, you’re crazy!” I want to make lots of money, why would I not focus on that? Here are 5 reasons why helping others leads to your success.

  1. It’s the very effort of helping others that propels you forward to success. When you learn to care about the other person on the end of that phone, when you care about how placing an ad on the internet advertising a wonderful opportunity may affect someone’s life, that’s when you deserve success.

  2. It keeps you humble. We have all experienced the “slimy salesman” on the other end of the phone who calls you up, pitches his home business or deal, and then wants your credit card because all he sees is those dollar signs. As soon as he hangs up the phone his first thought is, “Yes, I got another one!” Hmmm, don’t you think it would be better to realize that wow – by talking with this person I have an opportunity to affect their life in a very positive way. I may have the very thing that could put an end to their struggles – the very thing that could turn things around for them.

  3. It keeps the focus off of you. When you are speaking with someone and are asking questions like, “Tell me a little bit about you, why are you looking to make money from home?” You are letting them share with you why they want to earn and income from home. They’re not interested in hearing about why you love what you’re doing. Isn’t it obvious? If you didn’t love what you are doing, you wouldn’t be sharing it with them. So learn to be still. Learn to listen. Learn not to interrupt with, “well, that’s like me, I ….

  4. It makes you a bright light in a sometimes dark world. When you focus on helping others, your enthusiasm shows. You can’t help but be positive. You wake up every morning with thoughts of “who can I help today?” Your focus is on the positive, not the negative. Take the time for self-development! It builds your confidence and your character.

Make it your true hearts desire to help others and you will absolutely become successful in your home business as well as your life. To give is a wonderful thing. You can’t put a price tag on making a positive impact on someone’s life. There is no time like right now to focus your efforts on helping others. You most definitely will reap the rewards personally, and yes – financially!